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Francois St-Pierre-2
Hi Karl, Roy,

I support Roy's recommendations, especially #2: having the info in the
header would be tremendously useful, especially since I'm using image
processing routines which were written to use info from the image
header. Because of the way the routines were written, it would be
significant work to modify them so as to pull out that info from the
text file.

I'm using a script to do my multi-D acquisitions. To confirm, there is
currently no way of adding info to the tif header (in particular, the
time of acquisition) to the tif header using any of the available
functions in Micromanager?



> Roy,
> Those are good suggestions, I will add them to our 'TRAC' internal
> list of requests.
> Thanks,
> Karl Hoover
> ________________________________
> From: Roy Wollman [rwollman@st...]
> Sent: Wednesday, November 11, 2009 11:11
> To: Micro-Manager General
> Subject: [micro-manager-general] two small feature suggestions/requests
> Hi,
> I have two small feature suggestions that I hope will be easy to
> implement and will improve micro-manager usage:
> 1. Choosing configuration file in the splash screen:
> Will it be possible to change the splash screen such that instead of
> offering only the last configuration file, it will have a drop-down
> box with the last few (let say 5) configuration file used?
> This way, if some users are particular about their setup, glipping
> between a few possible files is much easier. For set-ups with a single
> configuration file, this won't interfere since they are using the last
> file anyway so they'll just press ok.
> 2. Frame metadata:
> Will it be possible to write the frame information in the tif header
> in addition to the metadata file?
> As of now, if for some reason you lose the metadata file there is no
> way to know when an image was captured. I'm not advocating a
> substantial metadata overhaul, just adding the per frame info: Z-um,
> ElapsedTime-ms, Time, Exposure-ms into the tif header in the
> ImageDescription tag. Writing it twice might add a little bit of
> overhead, but I think the gain in robustness is significant.
> Thanks,
> Best,
> Roy

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