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Resurrecting AxioPlan

Cammer, Michael-2
We would greatly appreciate help setting up MicroManager 2.0 with an old AxioPlan2.  The goal is to take three color fluorescence snapshots with a DIC image at the end.  We may want to do Z series too.  

Using the Multi D Acq window, we successfully have it set up to take blue, green, red fluorescence snapshots.  The microscope responds slower than we would like, but it works.

We would like to add a Nomarski channel at the end.  However, this requires a pause step to allow the user to slide in the polarizer and for the lamp to turn on.  

One way we thought to do this would be to set up a dummy channel and take a dummy image for 2 seconds before taking the good Nomarski image.  The problem with this, however, is that the halogen lamp is assigned to the shutter and it needs to be off during the fluorescent image collections and on for the Nomarski.

Is there a way to do this from the Multi D Acq GUI without having to learn scripting?

We would also greatly appreciate feedback with is computer controlled focus that is not communicating with MicroManager.  (It did work for Z series with OpenLabs until the Mac died a few weeks ago.)

Thank you!

Michael Cammer, Sr Research Scientist, DART Microscopy Laboratory
NYU Langone Health, 540 First Avenue, SK2 Microscopy Suite, New York, NY  10016
Office: 646-501-0567 Cell: 914-309-3270  [hidden email]

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