Setting Default Startup Script & Config File

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Setting Default Startup Script & Config File

Hey everyone,

I have created a custom startup script and config file at my computer which
runs as expected at startup.

However, I would like the same startup script and config file to be
automatically used by Micro-Manager when it is run by another user on the
same computer (all files of interest are on the C-Drive, which is accessible
to ever user). Currently when another user logs into the computer and opens
Micro-Manager, it defaults to the "MMStartup.bsh" startup script and the
"MMConfig_demo.cfg" config file, and they are required to tell Micro-Manager
to use these two files from the new user's account every time a new person
wants to use this setup.

Any ideas on how to set these defaults within Micro-Manager to ensure it
behaves identically across all users of a computer?

Looking forward to hearing everyone's ideas, thanks!


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