Settings for HAYEAR HY-B500 USB Camera?

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Settings for HAYEAR HY-B500 USB Camera?

Hello everybody

I need your help because I'm too stupid for the settings of Micro Manager.

I have an ac with OS 10.14.3 and this USB camera:
Model: USB output
Sensor: 5.0mp, 1 / 2.5 inch
Image equipment: CMOS
Sensor: 5.0MP
Full Resolution: 2592x1944
Frame rate: 14fps @ 2592 x 1944; 124fps @ 640x480
Pixel size: 2.2μmm x 2.2μm
Support interface: DirectShow, TWAIN, SDK, Redistributable
Programmable control: image size, image photography, exposure time, gain, GAMMA,
White Balance: car
Data output: 16bit
Light: car
Electronic shutter: 20-100000
White balance (dB): 38.1 dB
Color: Black
Sensitivity: 1.4V / lux-sec@550nm
Spectral response: 400nm ~ 1000nm

Unfortunately, I have no idea about Terminal and stuff like that.
Can someone give me a step by step tutorial for dummies?

GPhoto does not work, the guys sent me this answer:
"This is not the kind of camera libgphoto supports.
This is more in the field of v4l (video for linux). "

I use the camera on an Olympus microscope to count yeast cells. It's about the pitch rate (cells per milliliter) when brewing.

Thanks for the support!

Greetings from Zurich


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