Some features of the DMI6000 are not accessable?

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Some features of the DMI6000 are not accessable?

Tim Feinstein
Hi folks,

We have a first-generation DMI6000 running in MM without trouble.  However, as far as I can tell MM can only control some of the scope’s features.  Right now I can only change these options manually:

• Toggling fine/coarse focus.  It seems like changing the focus speed in the Device Property Browser does not have any effect on how fast the focus knob moves the nosepiece.
• The fluorescence intensity modulator (FIM).  It would be helpful to have different FIM settings for each channel, but as far as I can tell MM cannot see that device.  
• Objective immersion type.  The nosepiece will not switch between an oil and a dry objective unless I manually press a button on the scope that toggles between dry and immersion settings.  I like this safety feature but it would be slightly more useful if we could access it from MM.  

If anyone has solved these problems, thanks!  

Timothy Feinstein, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
University of Pittsburgh Department of Developmental Biology

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