TSI cmos frame rate issue

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TSI cmos frame rate issue

John Kenison


I recently installed a TSI kiralux cmos camera in my lab and have been running into an issue when running it through micro-manager.  For some reason the frame rate is consistently half of what it should be after selecting an exposure time for a multi-dimensional acquisition.  For one second exposures, the camera takes about 20 seconds to acquire 10 frames and this double acquisition time happens regardless of the chosen exposure time. 


Running the camera with Thorcam software doesn’t have the same issue, but it would be inconvenient for us to run our experiments through Thorcam.  We have the most recent version of micro-manager and have combed through the settings but have been unable to resolve the issue.  Have you ever heard of a similar issue, or know of a likely issue that is at the source of this problem?




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