Tenure track job opening in the Biology Department at University of Richmond

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Tenure track job opening in the Biology Department at University of Richmond

Quintero, Omar

Hi all,


“Big data” means different things to different people.  What it means to us is that we’re interested in someone who makes use of computational approaches to understand biological problems.  There are a lot of biological problems out there, a lot of large data sets, and a lot of ways to approach making sense of them.  We’re hoping to find someone who is interested in bringing that flavor of science to a department that cares deeply about undergraduate education, and undergraduate-driven research.  We are well supported, and have great colleagues in other departments.  This is an environment where you can “do” science and “teach” science at the same time.  The sort of candidate I’m imagining is someone who has put some effort into taking interdisciplinary approaches to their science (like you might encounter in a summer courses at MBL), and who has put some effort into learning about teaching pedagogy (like you might get through an IRACDA program).  In our previous searches, candidates with those sorts of experiences have gotten noticed.


Please pass this advertisement along to anyone who is interested.



I’ve been very happy here.


Omar A. Quintero, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Biology

University of Richmond

28 Westhampton Way

Richmond, VA 23173

Office: (804)287-6892

Lab: (804) 289-1706

FAX (804) 289-8233


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