Triggered analog output with NI100X

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Triggered analog output with NI100X

Michael A Taylor

I am trying to set up a digitally scanned light-sheet. We have a NI USB-6001 board which can provide an analog output, so I thought I would use this to control the galvos. I am trying to use the NI100X module to control the outputs.

I can see how to directly set the output voltage:
mmc.setProperty("AnalogOut0", "Volts", 1.5);

This could work, but I would prefer to load up a sine wave or triangle wave output and trigger this when I want to set it going. The wiki page for NI100X says that it supports hardware triggering of analog outputs, but I have no idea how to do that and I could not find any further information on it. The wiki page says that:
"Once you have set a valid input line, and assuming the card is capable of doing hardware triggering, the "SupportsTriggering" property should be set to 1."

In my system the "SupportsTriggering" property is read-only; how do I set it?

Once SupportsTriggering is set to 1, does it follow that a trigger on the specified trigger line will automatically trigger the output? How do I pre-load the desired output pattern?
The manual suggests that USB-6001 is capable of triggered analog output, so I don't think there should be a problem in hardware.