Trouble loading "custom" configuration file under MM 1.4.23

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Trouble loading "custom" configuration file under MM 1.4.23

Bennari, Adam

Hi everyone,

I can't get "custom" configurations to load correctly for a Raptor Owl 640 digital camera. Ultimately, we wanna be able to load its configuration from Matlab and having access to basic settings like exposure and manual frame rates...
Only problem is, when loading the configuration file (see attachement) in Matlab, we can only reach a frame rate of 25 Hz (instead of 50 Hz). Exposure values are even crazier, generally around 3 to 4 ms (instead of 1 ms). Using the MMCore Java class function 'setExposure()' didn't help.
When loading the same file in MicroManager, the same mismatching values (Exposure and Frame Rate) appear under 'Configuration Settings'. Changing them to the wished values is possible, but it doesn't help either, since we can't use the MMCore class using Matlab and the MicroManager GUI simultaneously.
The funny exposures can be traced back to the automatic exposure setting (which is off in the configuration file), but everything else is a mistery :

Has such behavior been reported or observed by anyone else?
How can we "enforce" the values in the configuration file in Matlab?

We'd appreciate every help we could get, thank you for your time!

Adam Bennari
Institute for Photovoltaics
University of Stuttgart

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