Turning off AFC (autofocus) offset updating for Multi-D acquisition?

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Turning off AFC (autofocus) offset updating for Multi-D acquisition?

Hao Yuan Kueh
Hi all,

  This seems like a problem that would have come up before, but I haven't been able to find anything.  If I have missed anything, please direct me to any relevant links!

  I am using a Leica microscope with autofocus correction (AFC), and am running a multi-D experiment with multiple stage positions and time-points.  My stage position list contains both the Z-drive and AFC offset positions recorded for each XY position.

  After every timepoint, both Z-stage (FocusDrive) and AFC offset becomes updated, to capture drift in the two parameters.  However, I would like to update only the Z-stage positions, and keep the AFC offset unchanged.  Is there a way to specifically turn off the AFC offset updating without affecting the Z-drive updating?

  I would appreciate your help!