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USB library not up to date

Dear all,

I have been trying to slowly migrate all our microscopes from 1.4.22 to the
most recent 2.0.0-gamma. However I get a message upon start-up (with both
1.4.23 and 2.0.0-gamma):

"Your USB driver library is not up to date. We strongly recommend to update
the device driver. Your library version: 3.1.18. Recommended library
version: >=3.2.7 (this library comes with driver version: 2.8.28)"

I have trouble figuring out what throws this message, since it is not
mentioned in the CoreLogs and I could not find traces of it in the MM source
code. Is it thrown by a third-party library?

It is maybe related, but with MM2-gamma we also get some erratic behaviours
of the COM ports upon loading:
"2020-03-12T10:25:36.238852 tid5612 [IFO,dev:COM12] Failed to open serial
port \\.\COM12: CreateFileA() returned Windows system error code 5
2020-03-12T10:25:36.238852 tid5612 [ERR,Core:dev:COM12] Error in device
"COM12": Unknown error in the device (1)"

Then, reloading is fine. The same error is not systematic and occurs with
COM12 (most of the time), COM6 and COM9. All three are installed with the
latest FTDI driver ( Note that I wrote the device adapters of the
ELL9 (COM12) and the SmarAct (COM6), so it might be a coincidence or a
systematic mistake in my device adapters. I uploaded a CoreLog with the
serial port error and reloading.

Thanks a lot,


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