Using NI100X as a shutter

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Using NI100X as a shutter

I am successfully using the NI100X adapter to drive the wavelength output of a monochromator (Polychrome II; TILL photonics). The voltage output of the NI card maps to the wavelength.

I want to use the NI100X adpater as a shutter. By setting the NI100X output to -10V, I can turn off the light output from the monochromator.

I don't think I can use State-Device-Shutter, as NI100X does not support a 'closed' position.

Alternatively, is it possible to set a property value before and after each image acquisition in the 'Multi-Dimensional'. That way I could set the NI100X voltage output to my desired voltage (~3V = 590nm) just prior to acquiring an image, then set the voltage output back to -10 V (shutter closed) after acquiring the image.

Many thanks for any advice offered.