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Using Olympus IX83


I am trying to connect this to Micro-Manager.  I definitely confirm that I have installed everything correctly in terms of the hardware and software:


  1. Olympus Drivers
  2. Updated all firmware on CBH, TPC, the firewire firmware.  The fact that I can perform these updates from my PC to the various hardware indicates the PC is “talking” to the IX83.


I first installed MM 2.0beta and when I selected IX83 from the hardware configuration wizard list, MM hung and my only resolution was to terminate in task manager.  I then read a few threads, which are from 2015, about how 1.4.21 works and 1.4.22 onward there is a problem.   So as strange as a situation as that is, I installed 1.4.21 and no change in behavior.


Can anyone confirm that right now, at this moment they are successfully using an IX83 with Micromanager and if so I would be grateful if you could

  1. Tell me the specific configuration you are using – as specific as possible.  Windows version, firewire connection, if you could take a picture of your device manager with the appropriate driver nodes expanded to show the relevant devices for this connection I would be grateful
  2. If I install any version of MM prior to installing 1.4.21, would there be a difference between
    1. Installing multiple versions on same machine but running 1.4.21 – do the other versions being installed, even thought they are not running, taint the environment?
    2. Uninstalling other versions and installing 1.4.21 – should that work
    3. Starting with a clean windows 10 instance with no MM install history and installing 1.4.21 only.  In other words, if I installed another version prior, with the conflict, does it leave behind some taint eve if uninstalled?
  3. The version of mm you are using
  4. Confirm the procedure you used to connect it – i.e., as I understand you simply select that item only from the hardware config wizard – you do no need to select any of the legacy Olympus devices in the “Olympus” node of the wizard.
  5. If you could include a screen shot of what you see in MM when the scope is properly connected – i.e. what the “control panel” looks like and also what you see in the properties of the hardware config wizard.
  6. Finally, is it possible to post the contents of the hardware config file that are relevant to the ix83 as I would imagine there should be some degree of commonality and it would help me understand where I am going wrong and also what changes I would need to make to the syntax of the file to get it to work for me based on my hardware config.


Also, if anyone wants to confirm that 2.0 should solve the issue that is discussed regarding 1.4.21 vs. 1.4.22, it does not appear to be resolved.



Thanks very much.




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