Where is the change log for the nightly builds?

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Where is the change log for the nightly builds?

Hoover, Karl
Hi Liang,

You can see the change in the trac system:


Everyone has access to most of the information, however, some of the libraries are proprietary and those changes are not accessible.

Best Regards,

Karl Hoover

From: cail@rocketmail [[hidden email]]
Sent: Sunday, February 28, 2010 09:20
To: Micro-Manager General
Subject: [micro-manager-general] Where is the change log for the nightly        builds?

Dear MM developer,
Where can I find the change log for those nightly builds?
I notice the 1.4 branch is starting. What's the new feature in it?
I am using nightly build 20100212. I notice the "stop" acquisition button works differently from the 20100210 build. In the earlier version, when I pressed the "stop" in the MDA window, the entire multiple XY acquisition stopped. In the 20100212, when I pressed the "stop", only the current imaging XY position stopped and the acquisition moved to the next XY position. I prefer the earlier one, because I can stop the individual XY acquisition by the "stop" button on the "last frame" windows. I haven't test the most recent builds for it.
Since the nightly builds are generated everyday with new features and bug fixes, I want to know whether it is a build that I should update for the specific microscope I am using.
Thanks a lot for your time.

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