Will my Hamamatsu camera work with Micromanager?

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Will my Hamamatsu camera work with Micromanager?

Göran Månsson

We are about to get replacement PC's for some old Mac computers that presently have OpenLab to control microscope and camera. We like to start use Micromanager but first I like to check if the Hamamatsu C4742-95 12NR cameras can be controlled through Micromanager. I found on the supported hardware list that Micromanager works with the DCAM compatible Hamamatsu cameras, however Hamamatsu tells me that even though these cameras are DCAM compatible, there are several DCAM "versions" and it depends on the software what DCAM it is made available for, if it will work or not. The suggested this link: http://www.dcamapi.com

Does anyone know if the Hamamatsu C4742-95 12 NR cameras work with Micromanager and if so, what additional drivers/plugins I may need to control the cameras? Also, will the frame grabber cards on the Macs work on PCs or do we need to purchase new ones?

Many thanks for your advice!

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