Wrong Coordinates System

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Wrong Coordinates System

krura sandhu


I am just wondering about the coordinates for the software and the actual microscope. For the micro manager, our origin starts at the top left corner while the Olympus (microscope) origin starts at the middle of the plate. It gets really hard to take images since when the software thinks its on the first well, the actual microscope plate has reached the bottom left corner.

Additionally, for the software or Micro Manager on the HSC site generator, the x is positive when it moves right and y is positive when it moves down. For the actual plate or stage of the microscope, x is positive when it moves left and y is positive when it moves down.

We have thought about looking at the codes and maybe fix it from there but we don't know how to do that.

Any suggestions on how to fix this will be great. This is my first time using this software so I apologize for the lack of technical language.



Krura Sandhu

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