Ximea camera configuration error

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Ximea camera configuration error

Elliot Kim

We have a MC023MG-SY Ximea camera that we are setting up using micro
manager. We followed the installation instructions, and have made it
to the Hardware Configuration Wizard step, where we add a
configuration file. When prompted to select the device, we are able to
locate it and a window opens asking to label the device and add it.
When we try to add it however, we get the error message: "Error in
device "CAMAU1639038": Unknown error in the device (1)". Using an
older version of micro manager (Build 20180405), the error message
changes to: "Error in device "CAMAU1639038": Invalid property value:
TransposeXY (3)" . Could you help us out to get this fixed? We don't
know if its a problem with the software or the camera itself. We've
attached the error log with the older build here. Any help would be


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