Z-movement behavior during MDA

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Z-movement behavior during MDA


Hello everyone,


I’m doing a MDA with multiple positions (XY) to scan fluorescently labeled tissue slides. For the MDA I use the OughtaFocus algorithm to find the right z-position for each tile of my acquisition. I repeat the same MDA multiple times in the course of a few hours. My issues is that after the MDA is finished the microscope always goes back to the initial z-position which I set before starting the first MDA. I have some drift in the z-direction over the course of experiment and at some point the search range of the autofocus settings is not big enough to compensate it anymore (because the first z-position is now far from the current one due to the drift). Is there a way to prevent micro manager to go back to the initial z-position at the end of the MDA and instead just keep the last z-position he found during the MDA with the autofocus.


Btw I’m using an older 1.4 nightly version but also quickly tested it with the latest 2.0 beta nightly and the behavior is the same.




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