Zeiss Observer Z1 and Evolve 512

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Zeiss Observer Z1 and Evolve 512

Bruno Afonso
Hi everyone,

Is anyone using micro-manager (through matlab or not) with a Zeiss Observer Z1? I may have to use one in the near future and I was wondering is everything works nicely as one would expect. 

Any ideas of their hardware focus versus the Nikon's perfect focus system? I've been using micromanager with a Nikon scope with PFS and it works very well. I am just wondering if there are downsides I may not be aware of.

Also, anyone has used Photometrics' Evolve 512 camera? How does it compare with Andor's equivalent?


Bruno Afonso
http://brunoafonso.com (personal, mostly portuguese)
http://openwetware.org/wiki/User:BrunoAfonso (Professional, english)

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