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a special timestamp?

Hi everyone

I am looking for a timestamp in a metadata, but "Time" and "ElapsedTime-ms"
both has a problem as a timestamp for my experiments.
The problem is caused by our super long recording in a high frame rate;
10,000 frame recording per 50ms is repeated in 100 times done in a script.
I have a huge data after recording.

Problem is that "ElapsedTime-ms" shows a timestamp in a mili-second
resolution but resets in every 10,000 recording, whereas "Time" shows only a
timestamp in second order resolution, like "2017-05-16 18:29:12 +0900".
I am concerned with how long the interval time between 10,000 recordings is,
but there is no timestamp to answer to my concern.

Does anyone know a way to record "Time" in a metadata in a milisecond
Or Does anyone know another way to record timestamp between 10,000



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