insufficient delay on Zeiss Observer Z1 Turret switch

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insufficient delay on Zeiss Observer Z1 Turret switch

Chon U Chan
I am using the Zeiss CAN29 adapter with a null cable to control my
Zeiss Z1. Everything works well except when I try to setup
multidimensional acquisition series with two different magnifications.

As the objective turret switches, the microscope always retract and
then engage again to avoid collision. It takes 4 secs for the hardware
to complete the switch cycle, but micro-manager starts to take picture
(and switch on illumination) at about 3 secs. As it triggers the
camera, it also stops the turret from approaching immediately.
Therefore, both the immediate and subsequent images are out of focus.

It seems to me that can be solved by changing the hardware parameter
with additional delay. Could you please tell me how to do so? Thanks.

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