major rewrite of Cobolt Driver, and new Skyra driver

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major rewrite of Cobolt Driver, and new Skyra driver

Karl Bellve-3
The new Cobolt driver should be available after tonight's nightly. 

I have deprecated "Max Power" but it is still  in the code to hopefully to allow older configurations to still load, but it is no longer used. The maximum power supported by the laser should now be obtained from the laser itself.

All the properties names have been changed to be more consistent with the new Skyra driver I just released. They both share a large portion of code, which will help me in the future. The new Skyra driver does support Cobolt lasers, but I decided just to update the Cobolt driver as well.  It is basically a Skyra-lite.

Both drivers allow you to send direct "Serial Command"s via Device Property, and get a response via "Serial Command Response".  This could be useful in debugging, BSH scripting and  unsupported command, or that you want a "real time" response...

The Skyra driver, which is a multi-line laser, is now supported by micromanager as of a few nights ago. I will write a wiki soon to explain what it can do, as well as how to configure it as a shutter

I didn't have a Cobolt laser that I could bring home to test against, so I basically faked one with a Skyra.  

Any issues, please blame me. Find issues sooner than later, while I have my software developers hat on. Please. :D 

Ngā mihi,

Karl Bellvé

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