new Skyra/Cobolt Device Adapter

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new Skyra/Cobolt Device Adapter

Karl Bellve-3
Just for those who like blow up their computers, and fry their hard drives, I have been writing on and off again a new Skyra driver for Cobolt's new Skyra lasers, and it should be backwards compatible for the single Cobolt lasers, deprecating the old Cobolt Device Adapter.  I have not tested this fully...mainly testing with a Skyra.

Micromanager 64bit 1.4 DLL here:

It should be fully released by the end of the year...assuming I am not distracted by something else...

Use at your own risk... :D 

Any issues, send to me, not to the list.

Haere rā,

Karl Bellvé

Haere rā means Goodbye or Farewell in Māori

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