problem with PVCAM device (coolsnap HQ2)

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problem with PVCAM device (coolsnap HQ2)

Aryeh Weiss

I am using an HQ2 with firewire interface, win7-64, and the nightly build of MM.

Whenever I try to change a camera setting, the following error pops up.

The change takes effect (eg, I can change the exposure, gain, etc), but I cannot create presets, and it is of course very annoying.

This did not occur with the "stable build". However, I changed to the nightly build because I added a pt grey chamelion camera, and that only works with the nightly build.

Can anyone tell me how to solve this (is there a different PVCAM device file that I can download? or is there way to tell it not to try to get the value of this property?)

Thanks in advance

Aryeh Weiss
Faculty of Engineering
Bar Ilan University
Ramat Gan 52900 Israel

Ph:  972-3-5317638
FAX: 972-3-7384051

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