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pvcam driver on linux

Jörg Hagmann
Dear list,

I would appreciate help with getting the PVCAM driver for our CoolSNAP  
EZ camera working on a linux system (ubuntu 9.10).  This is what I  

1. I obtained the latest stable kernel sources (linux- and  
unpacked them in /usr/src
2. I copied the old config file (/boot/config-`uname -r`) as .config  
to the linux- directory.
3. make oldconfig
4. make -j 2
5. When running "./install_photomet.sh" from within the KERNEL26  
folder provided by the manufacturer, I get:

    grep: /proc/pci: No such file or directory
    Pvcam installation: 0 Roper Scientific Photometrics type cameras found.
    mkdir: cannot create directory `/lib/modules/misc': File exists
    insmod: error inserting 'pvpci.ko': -1 Invalid module format
    ln: creating symbolic link `/usr/lib/libpvcam.so': File exists
    Photometrics Device Driver and PVCAM for Linux installation complete.
    Please Reboot, before running the examples.

Has somebody actually installed this camera on a linux system?
Thanks for your help, Jörg

Prof. Jörg Hagmann-Zanolari MD
University of Basel
Department of Biomedicine
Institute of Biochemistry and Genetics
Mattenstrasse 28
CH-4058 Basel
Phone +41 (0)61 267 3565

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