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Jose L. Godinez
To whom it may concern,
I am a research student in CSU Stanislaus, our research group uses your software (MicroManager) to analyze microscope images and videos. I have been working with the software for a few weeks and I have some questions related to the profile button:
1. What are the values that are used in the "Profile" plot (x and y axes)?
2. Is there anyway to edit those axes values?
3. Is there any way in which the values can be recorded in a spreadsheet as a function of time (x is time) and (y is intensity of the area selected)?

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Re: "Profile" Button Question

Hi Jose,
It looks like you are referring to an ImageJ menu (Analyze/Plot Profile), not to MicroManager.
To find the best answer, I would suggest to look for information on ImageJ sites and lists.