snapping images from externally triggered camera

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snapping images from externally triggered camera

Cordelia Berz

We'd like to snap multiple images at different time points with our camera
being triggered externally. However, the external triggering is much faster
and not synchronised to the time points we'd like to keep, which is why by
taking a snap at these different time points, we hoped to just keep the most
recent image. However, whenever we try snapping a new image at a new time
point, we still get an old image of the initial time point. The camera thus
provides us with an old image loaded at different time points, instead of
adding a new image at each time point. I think this is because the camera
acquires all images at the beginning due to the faster external triggering
and just reloads them when we use snap().
How can we ensure that we snap a single image at a specific time point (but
keeping external triggering)? How to erase the images of the previous time
points from the camera?

Thank you,  

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