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Hi I downloaded MM just yesterday and am not at all familiar with at. We use a Leica DFC320 cam and I used some of the posts of the mailing list and the MM devices TwainCam information to try and configurate it. I got to the last point on
in Micro-Manager by Lisi — 5 replies in thread
Hi. I am new to micro-manager. In my group up to now we have been automating stage movement, video capture, and control of optical traps with code written in C from scratch. However when it comes to a very complex commercial machine such as a confocal microscope like the Leica SP5, the...
in Micro-Manager by Pietro Cicuta — 1 replies in thread
Hi, I am trying to set up our freshly formatted-to-windowsXP-SP3 (2002) and un-installed-from-the-microscope computer ! All the set up to our LEICA DMIRE2/Hamamamtsu C4742-95 has being lost, and our old program for imaging is lost as well. I am trying to get micro-manager to work, but I cannot...
in Micro-Manager by tapiao — 3 replies in thread
I am a graduate student at Idaho State University. We have a Leica DMRA microscope with a Hamamatsu DCAM camera. The computer being used to capture data is running windows XP. I have installed micromanager and connected a 9-pin null-modem cable to the serial port on the microscope and...
in Micro-Manager by Avin Sigurani — 0 replies in thread
Is there a Baumer adapter for a MAC platform? Trying to connect a Leica DFC camera for use with MM.
in Micro-Manager by Melissa — 5 replies in thread
Dear Mark and Ruedi, Were you able to resolve the issues with fast filter wheels (the high speed board from Leica supports 4 different wheels), hardware triggering, and shutter control of the fast shutter in the external light source EL6000? We can control only one filter wheel on our Leica DMI6000B setup Thank you. Wolfgang
in Micro-Manager by Wolfgang — 19 replies in thread
Hi, We are using Micro-manager to drive a Leica DMI 6000B microscope and the configuration was mostly straightforward using the generic Leica DMI driver as all components are centralized to the CTR and most of them are correctly identified from scratch. We are however having a problem with an...
in Micro-Manager by SebastienT — 19 replies in thread
Sorry for double post, but since I would really like to work with the device I just try again and hope that someone can reply. To control the Leica Dmi 8 with MM the device support states i only need to install the Leica USB-driver, but this driver is installed anyway since the Scope can be used...
in Micro-Manager by Benni — 7 replies in thread
Hi, I'm controlling a Leica DM IRE2 through COM1 (via a Leica CTR MIC control box) with Micro-Manager 1.3.48. The xy stage is a Leica DM STC and is separate from the microscope, controlled through COM2. Therefore when I add an xy stage as part of the LeicaDM core the stage is not recognized...
in Micro-Manager by G. Esteban Fernandez — 12 replies in thread
Hi! How should I install a Leica DFC295 camera in Micro Manager? I tried with the BaumerOptronic drivers and it does not work..or I am doing something wrong. Thank you.
in Micro-Manager by sorell13 — 1 replies in thread
Dear Karl In trying to make the Leica DMRA2 talk to uM (and failing), I saw in the site that although DMRs ARE supported, DMRA2 is not. Is this still the case or am I looking at an older listing? Thanks Stamatis I'm...
in Micro-Manager by S. Pagakis — 13 replies in thread
... >> or >> > extended driver? >> > >> > Best, >> > S├ębastien >> > >> > >> > >> > -- >> > View this message in context: >> >> > Sent from the Micro-Manager mailing list archive at
in Micro-Manager by SebastienT — 19 replies in thread
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