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uM compatible cameras?

Dear All,

I'm planning to set up one of our Leica MZ 7.5 stereoscopes with a
fast(ish) video camera and a synchronised shutter.  We bought the
scope with a trinocular head, so mounting the camera won't be a
problem.  The Leica EL6000 external light source has a serial-port
controllable shutter, so that's easy as well.  However, I'd very much
appreciate some advice on which camera(s) to consider; minimum
requirements would be:

-  uM compatible

-  capable of 30 fps recording (lots of light available in most cases,
e.g. transmitted light imaging of maggots)

-  not too expensive (pbly. <= 2000 GBP)

  Any pointers will be much appreciated!
  Best wishes to all,



Zoltan Cseresnyes
Facility manager, Imaging Suite
University of Cambridge

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